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Beautiful Camila {Viera Senior Photographer}

Our shoot didn’t get off to a great start. First of all, the sun was nowhere to be found, and second, we arrived at the planned location to find that all of the pretty flowers had been cut down. So we had to go with plan B. So glad we did! The “pretty girl in a dress in the woods” look was working for her! 😉 CamilaAlvarez (24) copy 3

Not an Ugly Duckling {Brevard County Senior Photographer}

When I was in 6th grade I thought I was all that and a bag of chips (that’s how we talked then, in case you didn’t know). I was approximately 4 ft 9″ and on the pudgy side. My mom wouldn’t let me shave my legs yet….and I’m Hispanic….so…..I wore pants everyday. I had some sweet red glasses, but the red part was chipping off to reveal gold underneath. Really hot stuff. And…AND…I had a bowl haircut. Just take a moment to imagine the gorgeousness. But I had some really high self esteem going on. At the end of the school year, we got to go on a field trip to the Skating Rink. There was this boy I had a huge crush on. All the girls did. We’ll call him Mr. Popular. So there I was, skating around on my cool roller skates, when a Boyz II Men song came on and they announced, “Okay, this last song is going to be a couples skate.” A couples skate! Where you hold hands!! I slowed down and tried to not look too loserish, and THEN, Mr. Popular came by and grabbed my hand!!! We were couples skating!! I was SO COOL. I was still smiling on the bus ride home. Until. One of the popular girls said, “You know they paid Mr. Popular $5 to couples skate with you, right?” Dream crushed.

Don’t worry, my swan years arrived soon after. An awesome and very studly man married me and we have 4 great kids…life is good.

You know who was NOT an ugly duckling? THIS girl. I used to see this girl at church when she was the same age I was during my bowl cut years and she was just as beautiful then as she is in these pictures. Loved taking her senior photos!



She’s the Cutest {Brevard County Senior Photographer}

When I was 14, my cousins moved here from Colombia, South America. This pretty lady you’re about to see was only 2 at the time. And she was the CUTEST. (Hi Cousin! Am I allowed to say these things on my blog? It’s true. You were the cutest. I could tell some stories…or show some pictures…but I won’t. ;)) She’s been like the little sister I never had and I’ve had so much fun watching her grow into this beautiful lady. Her personality is awesome and I could talk to her all day. I mean…it’s so bad that during our shoot we ran out of light because we were spending too much time chatting! But we still got some great shots of her looking gorgeous. This girl can “smize” like it’s her job. She’s still the cutest. Love her. YOU’RE GRADUATING!!!

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 Ani2_03 copy

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