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Can I tell you a story? It’s going to make you think of me as a scary stalker. I feel pretty comfortable with that.

When I was 14, I started going to dances once a month at my church. It was there that I spotted my future husband. From the first time I saw him, I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Okay boy. He was 16 at the time. Each month, I looked forward to going to those dances to catch a glimpse of him, even though he didn’t know I existed. Am I scaring you yet? It gets worse. I soon started writing about him in my journal saying, “I am going to marry him.” Practiced writing my name with his last name and everything. Yes, Internet, I am putting this out there. No shame in my game.

At one such dance…pretty sure I was 16 by this time…I asked one of my most favorite youth leaders ever (still love her to this day) to take my little disposable camera and figure out a way to get a picture of him for me. LIKE A STALKER. She humored me and did it. And I still have that photo. We didn’t start dating until 3 years later, and I waited awhile after that to show him that photo. Taped in my journal. He married me anyway. Probably out of fear. But like I said, I’m comfortable with that. 😉

This wonderful youth leader just happens to be the mom of this gorgeous lady in these pictures. And this gorgeous lady and her handsome hubby have a somewhat similar love story. Maybe not quite as stalkerish, but similar in the “I loved you way back when” sense. They are such a fabulous couple and I had so much fun photographing them. Enjoy!Vorwallers15WEBVorwallers04WEBVorwallers16WEBVorwallers23WEB


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    Happy April 19, 2013

    GREAT story, I didn’t know any of that! Too cute!

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    Valentine April 19, 2013

    Nathaly! I love these pictures! Ps I just wanna throw it out there that I want you to put me and my fam on your radar. We’re back in FL for another summer so I want to do pictures again with you!

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      Nathaly April 19, 2013

      Email me ASAP because my summer is pretty booked. Hopefully we can work something out!

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    Andrea Wilkinson April 19, 2013

    Such a beautiful story from such an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing Nathaly!

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