Braving the Cold {Brevard County Maternity Photographer}

I am not a huge fan of cold weather. Actually, I’m not a fan of hot weather either. Weather in the 70s is my happy place. This “winter” (if you can call it that), we’ve had a lot of beautiful, breezy days. The day that I shot this maternity session was not one of those days. Yes, it looked beautiful out, but weather in the 50s  with the wind chill by the river making it feel like the 40s…not great. Especially when you are wearing a spaghetti strap, like this beautiful mama to be. She and her hubby braved the cold for me so we could capture these shots for them. Meanwhile, I wore a pea coat. I felt a little like a jerk, haha. But these two were so fun to work with. You can feel the love between these two. Their little boy is a lucky kid to be coming to parents who seem like genuinely good friends who have a blast together. Can’t wait to meet him at our newborn shoot!JessicaMaternity32WEB JessicaMaternity02WEBJessicaMaternity01WEB

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