I’m Going to Miami {Brevard Couples/Engagement Photographer}

Is the Will Smith song in your head now? I got to take pictures for these two right before they headed off to Miami for school. I did a year of school there and had some good times working on student films. One was about zombies. It was awesome. I also took a belly dancing class (holy ab workout), watched a TON of Friends episodes, hung out at South Beach, and…um…made the 3 hour trek home for the weekend all the time. Yeah, I didn’t party hard. I missed my mommy.

Anyway, I’m sure these two will have way more fun than I did! Wishing them luck on all that’s ahead for them! I need a sit down, hands on tutorial from this girl to learn how to do my hair. Her hair always looks amazing! If she wants to take me shopping, I’m fine with that, too. 😉 Lady, you are gorgeous!! And does her man not look a little like Shia LaBeouf? Is it just me?

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