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S & S {Cocoa Beach Couples Photographer}

I only do a VERY limited number of weddings per year. In order for me to photograph your wedding you must A) be related to me, B) be friends with me since elementary school, or C) ask very nicely and catch me on a good month that isn’t already busy with other types of photoshoots. 🙂 I love the feeling in the air on someone’s wedding day and I love to capture families full of joy on such a special occasion. I just can’t do it ALL the time at this point in my life. Maybe one day!

These two fall into category A. This is my brother and his wife, married in May. Finally blogging it!

This wedding started out on the beach, at 3pm. In Florida. Thankfully, we were blessed with a nice breeze! It was a gorgeous day.Cocoa Beach Wedding, Couple getting married on Cocoa Beach

I shot many of these in full sun, which is not how I normally shoot, but I am thrilled with the variety we got. Many of the shots were planned by the bride. So glad I was able to help her bring her vision to life! Hope you cherish these forever, Sarah!FlorenzCollage02

Good looking couple, right here!FlorenzCollage03

My daughter loved the reception. She’s the one dancing with her new aunt and putting a tiara on her uncle’s head.FlorenzCollage04

Special thanks to 4 teenage boys who made this last shot possible. I tired them out pretty bad!